Monday, 5 May 2008

Join the Get Stuff Done Gang

If you have ideas for what you want from the Girl Geek Dinners Sydney group, then come to our first organiseyness event. Get in there and organise the events that appeal to you and others. Help with events that other people want to push.

If you want something done, do it yourself. We want you too.

Where: Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Cockle Bay, Sydney
When: 6pm on Thursday the 15th of May
What: Let's get organised since attempts to clone Damana have not been successful

Important: Not sponsored. Chocolate consumption is highly recommended but not compulsory.

I know you all have opinions and ideas so let's make them happen together. Or just come along to hang out with some really cool geek girls and co :) I love to chat.


The Rat Fish said...

attempts to clone Damana have not been successful

For which we are thankful :P

Anonymous said...

The chocolate was great. The Ideas were great. Thanks!

blakkat said...

The chocolate was great, the ideas were great too!
More people should attend these, especially those who seem to keep having some sort of feedback yet doing nothing about it.
can't wait for the coffee!