Monday, 30 March 2009

Sydney Girl Geek Dinner @ New Google Offices

the first GGD for Sydney in 2009
with lightning talks and networking

Google Australia
Level 5, Workplace 6
48 Pirrama Road

(Opposite Star City Casino)

6PM on Wednesday the 15th of April

Registration closed


Amaya said...

Hi, if we registered already are we automatically accepted? How do I know if I succcessfully registered for a place?

Mana said...

If you registered then you are on the list. Just turn up.

We need more speakers!!

Kristen Hodges said...

HI Damana,

I registered but I've since discovered I double-booked myself. Can you de-register me please!


Kristen Hodges

Kathryn Elizabeth said...

Hi! I'd love to come (I'm a geeky girl friend of Pamela Fox and Alison Young), and I hear there's a waiting list. Any chance I can join? If you like, I could speak on anything!

Mana said...

Kathryn, I will put you on the waiting list. Email me your details - damana at

Loquacity said...

Hey Mana,

Just wanted to say I had an awesome night! Thanks :)