Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Goodbye Sydney Geek Girls

Dear Sydney Geek Girls,

I'm leaving Sydney for the sweltering heat of Darwin and the company of my wonderful family.

You are in good hands with Catherine Eibner, Kate Carruthers, Jodie Miners and many others.

Please don't let the group fade away. There are so many fabulous geek girls in Sydney who have shown each other so much support for the last two years. Keep it up.

You can always email, txt or tweet me for a chat, support or anything else I can help you with.

Love, hugs and geeky kisses,


BronwenZ said...

Good luck!

jonshsnlee said...

Wow great job, keep it up, would like to know more about geek girls. I liked reading this blog, thanks for sharing.

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media said...

hi Geek Girls
This is FITT (Mary McLeod & Erin Guy here)- we want to invite a young female in technology onto our International Womens Day Panel (March 8) along with some other high profile speakers. Do you have any suggestions of someone young, enthusiastic and comfortable speaking in front of a few hundred people?