Thursday, 31 January 2008

Dinner Zero

The date is set for the first Girl Geek Dinner in Sydney!

Where + When
Date: Thursday 21st February
Time: 6pm

Who is invited?
If you are a geek and a girl or know of one who is willing to escort you then you are welcome and encouraged to come along. There is a technical focus with the intention of having fun and connecting with other women in IT.

The plan
The first dinner is an open mike night. Think of topics that are interesting to you. You don't have to give a talk but you are most welcome to.

Who pays for dinner?
This is our first gathering and we don't have sponsorship yet so you'll pay this time. There is chocolate so we're hoping that is an incentive.

RSVP by commenting on this post.

The cafe doesn't accept bookings but we would like an idea of numbers so please RSVP before the event. There is no cut-off date so feel free to turn up on the night anyway. A list of people who RSVP will be added to this post so stay tuned.

So far...

Damana Madden - ThoughtWorks
Mei Zhu +1 - CBA
Jason Yip - ThoughtWorks
Zhamak Dehghani - Silverbrook Research
Anita Maehrle - ThoughtWorks
Giles Alexander - Silverbrook Research
Denise Fernandez
Alice Boxhall - Google
Claudia Mikaelian - Yahoo!
Kalinda Hatherly
Catherine Eibner - Cybner
Grisel Carreira
Alison Young
Pia Waugh
Anthony Stamfel - Yahoo!
Isis Nair - Google
Sara Falamaki
Sara Webster - SAP
Charissa +1
Sarah +2
Kate Carruthers
Anna Buttfield - Atlassian


Kate Carruthers said...

count me in :)

Leah said...

Would love to be there - been watching the geek girl dinners happen around the world and love it that we now have them in Sydney

anna said...

I'll be there --- its so close to work I don't have an excuse :-)

Catherine said...

I just realised I hadn't officially RSVP'd :) I am definately going to be there! I have blogged about this and the other Sydney Geek Girl Blogs event happenning in Feb here:

harrisandboyd said...

I'd like to come and I'll bring another 2 girl geeks with me.

Kim said...

Oh! I want to come, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth out a few days prior. :?

j9journeys said...

count me in too

Kate said...

I'm in -- Kate Stefanov from WE@CiSRA.

Alison said...

I'm coming too :)

Charissa said...

I'm coming and bringing another girl geek with me. :)

Amira said...

Sounds good, count me in.

JodieM said...

I will be there

SarikaG said...

Hi!! count me in. Sounds like a great idea!!

Kim said...

Aww, I'm on the RSVP list, but I am so sore and I can't eat much in the way of solids.

I hope another one happens soon -- I will be a developer with Optiver as of next week.

Rachel said...

I'm there.

Kate said...
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