Sunday, 20 January 2008

Girl Geek Dinners Sydney

I first learned about Girl Geek Dinners from Hugh Macleod's blog and thought it was a cool idea. I especially liked the attendance rule:
If you are male and wish to attend this event you must bring a female with you or be brought by a female. NO FEMALE, NO ENTRY!!!! Sorry Guys! (We need to keep the numbers balanced!) And ladies, one date only please!
What a clever way to create a different distribution of gender than your typical technology-related meetup.

Recently, ThoughtWorks was having internal discussions about supporting diversity in the community and remembering Girl Geek Dinners, I proposed initiating something similar here in Sydney.

So here we are.

Here's the video that Sarah made for us to help describe what Girl Geek Dinners is as well as provide advice for how to start one.

[video link]

What next?
We've created this blog where we'll post more details and updates. So the next step is to find a speaker and/or follow the example of the first Girl Geek Dinners and try an open mike night.

After that, probably look for an appropriate venue.

Please stay tuned.

Photo by Tom Harpel

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