Monday, 18 February 2008

Dinner Zero Venue Change

New Dinner Venue: Chinta Ria, Cockle Bay
Time: 6pm (get there early to grab a seat)
Specs: On the roof terrace of Cockle Bay Wharf, next to the Pyrmont Footbridge entrance

Reason for change: Although I expect to be lynched for denying a lot of fabulous women access to free chocolate, it can not be helped. We expected that even if all the geek girls in Sydney turned up, there would be no more than maybe 15 of us at Dinner Zero. We were wrong.

Who would have known that there are at least 35 of you? :)

We can't complain that there are too many because too many still isn't enough in this industry! So the outcome is that the venue has changed to accommodate the new numbers. Lindt Chocolate Cafe just wasn't big enough or helpful enough to fit us all in.

See you all there, ladies!

Please RSVP on facebook event or email me to confirm venue change

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