Friday, 22 February 2008

GG Dinner Zero Delivered!

The first Girl Geek Dinner to be held in Sydney was a major success. We had 40 fabulous women and a few male-geek-girls turn up for a delicious dinner and lots of drinks at Chinta Ria restaurant in Cockle Bay, Sydney.

There was a lot of girly geekiness on the night - Pia's not so well-formed shirt brought out the obsessive compulsiveness in a lot of us; The many references to Hitchhiker's and the mice being in charge; and a fabulous line about "not having to explain myself tonight" really summed up the night.

There are more pictures from the night on the facebook group.

Big thanks to our wonderfully generous sponsors - ThoughtWorks and Google!

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MoViEBoT said...

*cough* Pathetic *cough*